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Mundarda Child Care Centre

Address:101 Challis Road
Phone:9497 3091

Mundarda Child Care Philosophy 
Parents Handbook

As a child attending Mundarda Child Care Centre, I have a right to:

  • Be valued and respected as the unique individual that I am
  • Freedom to explore my environment and learn through challenging play experiences
  • Access to a safe environment that nurtures creativity, curiosity and free expression
  • Feel secure within a flexible but familiar routine with realistic limits
  • Experience a continuity of care from home to Mundarda to ensure this security is ongoing
  • Involve my family and share my experiences at Mundarda Child Care Centre
  • Be recognised as an individual within a family unit and to have that family unit acknowledged as the primary influence on my development
  • Explore the community through excursions and inviting community participation in Mundarda’s program
  • Spend my day with professional, highly trained and dedicated early childhood facilitators
  • Share my happy, sad ,and proud experiences with people who will recognise and respond to my feelings
  • Be presented with a range of nutritious, inviting and tasty meals and snacks
  • Be part of a children’s service that promotes best practice as outlined in the Quality Improvement and Accreditation System
  • Above all … to have FUN!
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