Foothills Animal Hospital

Nicole completed her degree at Murdoch in 1997.   Veterinary was her passion and is an extremely competitive degree.  When you are following your passion, you really need to ensure you stay on your path. After completing Year 12 at St Marys College in Karrinyup, Nicole then completed a year of Biological Science to ensure her acceptance in to Vet Science.  4 years later her dream was realized.  Graduating from Murdoch University and beginning a placement in Albany.  Enjoying her time learning from very qualified veterinarians and during this time, enjoying placement in the European summer in England. Think James Herriot and the wonderful hinterlands of Wales and that is where you would’ve found Nicole and her husband Michael, during the next 10 years.  Nicole worked between the European Summers and Australian Summers.  Having the best time of her life – following her passion and learning from the best.  Being a Generation X, she worked hard and played hard and made many long-time friends. The practice in Albany was a mixed practice, and during her time in England she worked as a locum. She did also accomplish her child hood dream of meeting James Herriot.

In England you would’ve found Nicole in gum boots or wellingtons and rain coats as she ventured out to the farms and worked in clinics there.  Working in 30 different vet hospitals, in many different counties such as Surrey, Exeter, Worcester, Glasgow Brighton and all over the United Kingdom.  During this time her husband Michael accompanied her on some of the trips and they eventually married and settled in Bedfordale.  Bedfordale bred, Michael worked as a bouncer at the Elizabethan Pub to put himself through university.

Working alongside their partner Nathan Mannix, Nicole and Michael ensured that Foothills Veterinary Hospital was a visionary clinic with the most up to date procedures and expertise in place, regarding clinic layout and animal care. After their many years in Europe and Nathans America Influence, the vet clinic they now have, is one that dreams are made of.  Filled with the latest technology to run smoothly and actively taking care of your pets.

Nicole’s core values and mission is to care for animals, people and our planet.  She feels that if you have respect for those around you, which includes animals, their owners, her staff and her family and environment then the wheel keeps churning and brings harmony to her life and practice. She considers honesty and integrity to be her highest values and ensures her day to day life fulfills these.

Her favorite surgery is one that brings with it more learning and challenges. She enjoys nothing more than seeing a complicated case worked through with success.  Reuniting a sickly animal with its owners.  If she can assist to bring an animal back from the brink of disaster her mission is complete.  Nicole is passionate about pet insurance for your animals.  She says that this is paramount to extending the care that she provides and ensures your animals are in tip top shape. Making sure they are part of your family and enjoying your company for years to come.  Make sure you utilize this wonderful Veterinary Animal Hospital – it really is second to non.