Since before Vegemite was invented, the Harbour Bridge had been built or Ford manufactured its first Aussie car, BP has been fuelling your local community.
At BP, our retail fuels business is at the heart of who we are in Australia.
The BP brand shines bright at close to 1,000 independently owned and operated sites and approximately 350 BP-owned sites, around the country. We've been operating here for almost 100 years and we're proud of it!
Of course it's our energetic and awesome team that makes the difference - our 3,500 team members, deliver outstanding customer service to more than 60 million customers every year who look to us to make their lives easier and their days a little brighter.
  • BP Kelmscott
  • +61 8 9390 5433
  • 2907 Albany Highway, Kelmscott, Western Australia, 6111, Australia

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