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"Learning to swim should be fun and at Seadragonz we make it our priority to ensure that 'swimming is grinning' for all our kids. We use our unique philosophy which focuses on the learner and their needs, moving at their pace when they feel safe and ready to try the next step. We gently encourage our students to gain confidence in the water through playing games with toys and equipment before focusing on technique. This creates a positive and fun environment for the learner and enables our instructors to get the best out of each child.
Our small classes, warm water and our teachers working in the pool with the children for all levels creates the utopian learning aquatic environment. Our instructors undergo significant training beyond the basic teaching qualifications ensuring our students receive instruction from teachers of the highest caliber.
Our classes range from infant aquatics, to swim and survive and adult learners. All of our programmes are endorsed by all three peak bodies of the learn to swim industry. For more information about why Seadragonz is WA's most awarded swim school click here, or contact us on (08) 9397 1100 to find out when we can teach your child to swim."
About Us
Seadragonz Swim School is a purpose built learn to swim centre designed to offer a utopian learning environment for learning to swim. There are many advantages of choosing Seadragonz
  • Seadragonz Swim School is one of only a few swim schools in Western Australia who are endorsed by all three peak bodies of the learn to swim industry; Swim Australia, The Royal Life Saving Society and Austswim.
  • Enrollment is made only once then class is ongoing until the customer decides to cease enrollment. This saves you the hassle of re enrolling every term.
  • You can get 4 or 5 lessons per month depending on how the days fall and the cost is the same.
  • Only students in classes are in the pool. No public swimming means no interruptions to your class.
  • We don’t sell chips, lollies or ice creams to add to your swimming lesson cost.
  • Classes ratios are small – 1:6 for infants/parent classes 1:4 for all other classes.
  • Water is a warm 32° minimum.
  • Our teachers teach IN the pool
  • A student immediately moves to the next level when they are deemed competent at the current level. This means the student does not have to wait until the end of a school term to move up a class.
  • You can enroll when you want, for a length of time that you want. We do not say when you can enroll or tell you for how long you must enroll.
  • Infant Classes
  • Toddler & Pre-School Classes
  • School Aged Classes
  • Holiday Programs; and
  • Other Offerings

  • (08) 9397 1100
  • 44 Allen Road, Forrestdale, WA, 6112, Australia

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