Artist’s Statement - Irene Young

I live in the beautiful southern hills of the West Australian city of Perth.

Ever since I can remember, I have been on a journey with my art. As a child daily exploring the world around me on my parent’s five acre property, I would always find some new treasure to excite me and would draw it with growing ability. I have a great affection for Australian animals, birds and nature, and began painting them, experimenting with mediums and techniques to see which was the best way to highlight the subject matter and as my portfolio grew and my style developed, people started to notice my work and like it. As an emerging artist, the next step was to exhibit my works in the public forum, and I am doing so by entering into Art Awards at various exhibitions around Perth and by staging my first solo at ‘Genesis in the Hills.’

My love of the bush and its amazing wildlife has inspired me to paint and I want to share this love I have with it through my artwork, for other people to appreciate. I work mainly in water colours where I focus on the detail, but recently, I have diverged into mixed media and acrylics where I have developed a much looser and fluid approach in depicting themes. My watercolours usually begin with layers of colour on paper and then detail work follows. Each watercolour takes approximately one to four weeks to complete depending on the amount of detail required. My acrylics are painted on canvases, often with extra pieces of canvas stuck on or with modelling paste spread on to give the paintings added texture. These paintings tend to be faster as not much detail is required, yet I still try to capture the essence of the subject matter.

In all my paintings, I endeavour to explore the themes of the natural environment. The birds, the animals, the flowers and the landscapes of our local area, in diverse ways to bring to the viewer an appreciation of the natural beauty and wonder which is around them in the amazing Australian bushland, and to influence them to value, to protect and to conserve what is uniquely ours.

My future desire is to further my art career by experimentation and pushing the boundaries of creative endeavour in ideas, techniques and mediums, developing a style that is uniquely mine, portraying the Australian landscape and everything it contains, so I can exhibit my work for the viewer to appreciate.


  • Irene Young
  • (08) 9496 1404
  • 161 Peet Road, Roleystone, WA, 6111, Australia

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