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 for regular networking events, a chance to connect with other business owners and gain advice and strategies on creating a successful business.

Networking Opportunities

Business Armadale provides many opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing through an annual calendar of events that includes business Showcases, Forums, Breakfasts, Sundowners and the annual Business Awards.

For those interested in expanding their local business network, looking to grown their business, brainstorm ideas and collaborate on new and existing projects with like-mined men and women, Business Armadale may be of assistance.

Business Assistance and Training Opportunities

Ongoing skill building, education and professional development are all essential for the success of your business. Business Armadale has affiliations with a range of training and business consultants that offer suitable programs for members to access.

A Voice to Government

Business Armadale works closely with Federal, State and Local Government representatives, ensuring you a voice on the issues affecting your business. We hold a number of advocacy events to provide an opportunity for you to interact with your local representatives. Business Armadale also has a representative on a number of local committees and forums.

Business Marketing

Increasing the Profile of your business and its products or services can help you attract new customers. Business Armadale provides opportunities to promote your business through networking events and seminars, or perhaps event sponsorship. Our social media platforms and website also provide avenues to further your brand presence. Feature articles and business stories will be a focus for development going forward.

Low Cost – Great Value

At just over a dollar a day for an annual basic membership subscription, Business Armadale provides great value for money, with many free events or discounted rates available to members. While building a raft of B2B discounts within the Business Armadale community the greatest value comes from the business networks, friendships and support that is an integral part of the Association for those who desire it.

Annual Awards

Annual awards are organised by Business Armadale to celebrate the best business practices that drive success in our region and acknowledge the outstanding contribution business makes to Armadale and surrounding areas on an economic, social and cultural level.