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Chamber of Commerce

New Business Armadale Board elected at AGM 24 September 2020

We would like to thank Board members Marcus Pobjoy, Craig Renshaw, Natalie Crosswell, Robert Jamison and Damian Gordon who retired at the AGM for their contribution to the Armadale Region Business community.

The Office Bearers elected for 2020/2021 were;

Henry Zelones OAM LGM JP was elected as Association President and Board Chairman

Vicki Clarkson Deputy President and Chair

Bernadette O’Connor Association Secretary

Joanna Minney Association Treasurer

We welcome new Board Members Nina Atiya, Kim Power and continuing Board Member Kristie Bell.

The AGM approved the AGM 2019 minutes, Financial report and the Chairman’s report unanimously. The new Rules of Association were also adopted unanimously.

Outstanding Service Awards were presented to past President Marcus Pobjoy and Board member Craig Renshaw. Admin officer Karen Clarke also retired last night and was presented with a flora token for her service to the Board.

The AGM moved that the new Management Board would comprise of 9 members. Following the election there were 2 unfilled positions on the Board. The Chairman is inviting members interested in joining the Board to complete the form available below and return to hzelones@bigpond.net.au


Rules of Association Business Armadale CoC August 2020

NOMINATION – Board of Management

Business Armadale – P & L 2019 year

Business Armadale Balance Sheet As at 31-12-2019


Henry Zelones OAM LGM JP

Chairman – Business Armadale Chamber of Commerce