2019 Events and Attractions Application

This category recognises events and attractions which enhance the profile/awareness and appeal of the destination they are held in as a well as creating economic impact, increased visitation and community involvement.

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    1. Provide a brief overview on the nature and history of the event/attraction and explain your reason for the chosen time of year. (150 words max).

    2. How does your attraction/event enhance the profile and appeal of your destination? (150 words max).

    3. What sets you apart from other attractions/events and makes you special? Explain how your attraction/event links to the destination that you operate within. (200 words max).

    4. Explain how your tourism attraction/event contributes to the local economy in your City/Shire? (200 words max).

    5. How does your attraction/event involve and inspire your local community? (200 words max).