Station Plaza

A number of town centre enhancements are being explored as part of this project, including creating a new plaza near Kelmscott Station, refurbishing the Station Master’s House, narrowing and calming Denny Avenue, planting trees throughout the town centre, making changes to the town centre’s road network and installing public art.

Works within the Kelmscott town centre are aimed at improving the local public environment through reducing congestion and creating a pedestrian friendly centre. This will be achieved by reducing traffic on Denny Avenue and including a new pedestrian crossing on Albany Highway, near Streich Avenue. 

The project will also support development of the ‘Station Place’ site for future mixed use (a combination of commercial and residential uses). Station Place was previously an unofficial car park, and during construction, is being used as a site office and compound.

Denny Avenue Station Plaza
Artist impression of the new station plaza. 

Byford Rail Extension

Those living in Serpentine-Jarrahdale will be able to enjoy a semi-rural lifestyle and connect to the Perth CBD in around 42 minutes.

The project will extend the Armadale Line approximately 8km south to a new Byford Station, removing level crossings along the way. Armadale Station will be rebuilt as an elevated station, easing road congestion, improving safety and connections, and creating new public space.

The full project scope will be determine when the contract is awarded.