We offer premium servicing for optimum performance - taking customer satisfaction seriously. As a WA-based company, Australian Plate Heat Exchanger Services believes that regardless of the job-big or small a quality service is important for every job.

APHES is dedicated to the service and refurbishment of plate heat exchangers and printed circuit heat exchangers. In addition we also provide chemical cleaning of plate heat exchangers, shells and tubes, boilers, condensers and pipework. We also provide onshore services for mine sites, general industry, and offshore services for oil rigs in Australia.

A fully fledged workshop enables us to undertake any work with optimal performance, supported by well-qualified tradespeople with 30 years of combined industry experience.

We specialise in all makes and models of plate heat exchangers with the ability to dismantle, inspect, chemically clean, dye check, re-gasket, assemble, and pressure test them, in addition to conducting on-site chemical cleaning for plate heat exchangers such as crude oil coolers and tempered water/sea water coolers. Trust in APHES for maintaining your plate heat exchangers with our ongoing maintenance program keeping them working at optimum performance.

For the service and maintenance of heat exchanger units- service reports, material data records and inspection test plans are provided and we can undertake shutdown work when required. Australian Plate Heat Exchanger Services is accredited to work for major companies and takes customer satisfaction seriously.

  • Gary Abraham
  • 9398 3411
  • Unit 1, 8 Weedon Road, Forrestdale, 6112, West Australian

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