“In March 2015 I relocated my office from Belmont to Kelmscott and I was recommended by another business owner in the area to join Business Armadale. I made one phone call and from that I have been introduced to so many amazing business owners and people. Being a part of Business Armadale has been one of the best things I have ever done as a business owner, I have made a number of good friends and new clients by regularly attending various functions.”

▬ Melissa Anstey, CA, Owner/Director – Innovative Accounting and Tax

“Becoming a Member of Business Armadale is has been nothing but a positive experience for me. I joined when my Business was in its infancy and have very much enjoyed the networking events arranged by the Business Armadale team. I have found the other members of Business Armadale to be friendly and welcoming, and some have even become very loyal client! Business Armadale have helped me build my Brand Awareness among its members by running my Exclusive Member Offer for the last two years and by featuring my Businesses milestones in their monthly Newsletter. Thank you Marcus, Lynda and the rest of the Business Armadale team.”

▬ Annette Mackay, Director & Certified Practising Accountant – Mackay and Associates

“Joining Business Armadale Association has been the best investment I have made.

I have built up an extensive network of contacts within the Armadale, Byford, Kelmscott & Roleystone areas. Supporting local small businesses has helped my business grow.”

▬ Bernadette O’Connor – Bank Manager – ANZ Armadale

“To be part of the Business Armadale Awards is an experience we would highly recommend. We had been inspired by other business over the years about what they have been able to achieve. Other award winners in the past set the bar very high for us and helped set a goal that we one day hoped to achieve. 2018 was our year and we achieved our goal of winning the Excellence in Business Category and then overall Business of the Year. This generates a great sense of achievement for our team who work so hard everyday to do the very best they can for the animals in our care. It helps build our business profile as a center of excellence and also gives us opportunities to network with other business owners from all over the Armadale region.”

▬ Nicole Laurence – Foothills Animal Hospital